Engineering services including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, Incident Energy Mitigation and Arc Flash Analysis Review
  • Short Circuit Study, Protection Coordination Study, Equipment Evaluation, Harmonic Analysis, Load Flow Study, Transient Motor Starting Analysis, Voltage Drop Analysis etc
  • NERC CIP implementation and on-going database management consultancy
  • Electrical distribution system design – overhead and underground up to 66 kV
  • Substation design and technical specification preparation
  • Prepare single line diagrams, ac/dc schematics, logic diagrams and protection reports
  • Develop functional specifications and preparation of commissioning test procedures
  • Relay setting development and documentation
  • Prepare protective device settings file as well as configuration/programming of relays
  • P&C design, programming and commissioning
  • PLC and automation design, installation packages and commissioning procedures
  • Engineering design reviews
  • Implementation of SCADA systems and HMIs for Utility and Industry
  • Equipment Test Report Validation and Analysis
  • Tools: ETAP, CYME, SKM, EasyPower, ASPEN One-Liner etc

Drafting services for architects, engineers, contractors and builders including:

  • As-Built Drafting Services – single-line-drawings
  • Detailed Wiring diagrams – AC and DC schematics
  • 3D Substation Sketches from Concept to Completion
  • Cable Connection Drawings, Panel Schedules etc.
  • On-Site Measurements/Data Collection

Quality control & inspections services:

  • Vendor Inspection – Transformer, Switchgear, Control Panel
  • FAT Witness Testing – Transformer, Switchgear, Control Panel
  • Expediting

Technical Field services:

  • Protection and SAS testing and commissioning including IEC 61850 protocol systems
  • Electrical apparatus testing like breakers, cables and transformer
  • Data Collection and verification for arc flash studies
  • Arc Flash Label Printing and Placement
  • Panel Wiring
  • IR Scanning